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I'm moving almost completely to the Freenet, to see my flog please go to The Official Flog of VolodyA! V A.

About myself

I am Myself... yep, sounds abvious, but have you any idea how many people don't actually realise that simple fact? I don't have a race, i don't have a gender, i don't have a race, i don't have a sexuality. But it's easy for me to say "I am Myself", but you came to this page for some reason (probably boredom, but oh well). So here is a litte more information than that. I believe that people can work out their differences and live in happiness and freedom, i'm refering to anarchy. Spiritually, i am somewhere between agnosticism, atheism, buddhism, and metaphysics. I can be all those things, none of them, something in between, the total opposite, and nothing... all at the same time and yet never. In other words, I am Myself.

I am nerdier than 76% of all people. Are you nerdier? Click here to find out!

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Birthday is one of the very few holidays that i actually respect... it's on March 21st. q;-)

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Note: If you feel like joining me in one of those projects just let me know, i do not feel protective... q;-)

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reading this may cause you to think that you are actually a social, fun, and interesting person... in comparison.


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