Submitting, complaining, prasing

If you would like to submit something simply contact me by any meens provided.

Contact Information

E-mail address (GnuPG)


253627744 (ethical_anarhist)

Yahoo! Messanger

ethical_anarhist (as soon as i get it to work with Gaim)

Snail mail

VolodyA! Mozhenkov
Altuf'yevskoye sh. d 89 kv 122
Moscow 127576

(Do not write anything except the name above on the envelope, nothing that speaks of the zine)


My nick is ping_win and i could be found on #circled_a (on EFNet, UnderNet, DalNet) and on some other channels... just /whois me.


What is Freedom Network Project?

Coming soon.


What is JTC Frost?

VolodyA! V A@r0pa7z7JA1hAf2xtTt7AKLRe+yw (GnuPG)

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