What is When Gendarme Sleeps?

This is Anarchy's Zine of Poetry, When Gendarme Sleeps. Its editor and distributor is VolodyA! V Anarhist. This zine doesn't practice any type of censorship, and even the stuff that i disagree with (such as racist and religious crap) gets included in there. I believe that censorship can only help the right wing extremists, and doesn't protect anybody's freedom. The answer to the -isms and -phobias is not to censor, but to create an argument clear enough for all those undecided or young individuals to see all the evils of the right (or neo-left today already). So please send in all the poems that you might have; language, style, length, topic... etc. is not important. The only restriction is that you do lose the copyright if it gets published here: 100% anarchy, 0% censorship or copyright.

Any ideas that you might have about improving this web site, the zine or just my life you can send me.

History of This Zine


This zine was started when i was still within the system of the united states of ameriKKKa. I believe it was somewhere around the fall of 2000 that i got the idea for the first issue, and December by the time the first issue (4 sheets of paper folded in half) came out. I used black dot of the culture jammers as the "trademark symbol"; for the zine and was getting all the poetry i could (granted that (c) was not written all over the damn thing). I also refused to publish it under a pseudonym and was giving my name for mailing purposes on the last page in all the issues.

Where you can find this zine

While i was sitting in one place, this zine has been sent out to probably all the countries where i could find any collective, organization, distro, media center, ABC (Anarchist Black Cross) or individual that might have any reason or desire to help with copying or distribution. The most help i probably received from Anthony Rayson from South Chicago ABC Zine Distro, who sent in some of his poems, copied and distroed When Gendarme Sleeps, sent me addresses of other persons and collectives who might be willing to help (a lot from his list did help me) and was just answering all my letters, which always helps.

Right now, this zine has been distributed in six countries (USA, Canada, Germany, Luxembourg, Russia, and Malaysia) and i'm still working on adding persons to the readers of this zine. For the addresses of all known distributors click here.

What this zine is now

The last issue was 190 pages long and resembles a book much more than a zine, unfortunately this meant that i couldn't really send it to everyone that i wished to send it to. So now i'm going to be starting to work on the seventh issue and i'm planning it to be smaller, but then nobody can trully control artistic urges, right?

Plans for the Near Future

  1. Making side dynamic.
    1. Allowing persons to submit their work.
    2. Creating a forum.
  2. Extanding When Gendarme Sleeps to Anarchy's Zine of (Anti-)Art .
    1. That meens inclusion of other types of art: photography, painting, drawing, prose, programming (as a form of art), sculpture (though that probably needs to be photographed), or anything else that you fancy.
  3. Having a propper publishing of the hard copy.

Other notes

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